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marazzi blend mh28 grey 30x120 afname per doos van

MARAZZI BLEND Grey 20x120 Porcelain Stoneware


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MARAZZI BLEND Colourbody Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles 20x120 m2 Grey Natural Rectified monocaliber thick 10.5mm

The Blend collection is inspired by the materials used for the construction of antique concrete structures. The stone effect tiles in the Blend collection come in 4 colours and 3 sizes. Produced in fine porcelain stoneware, the collection's tiles have a satiny surface and are suitable for the floors of residential and commercial buildings.

Formats available: 20x120; 30x120; 30x60; 60x60

Mosaic 30x30

Colours: Grey; Beige, Brown;  Cream

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