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CERASARDA PITRIZZA Tiles Turquoise Abbamar 20X20 m2


CERASARDA PITRIZZA Tiles Turquoise Abbamar 20X20 m2

Chiaroscuro effects like stylish imprints. Style, fascinating and never trite. Elegant veining, to narrate the simple richness of design atmospheres, like precious set stones or embroidered decorations.

Luxury resides in ceramic details. Light reflects on intense colours. Surfaces of exclusive beauty highlight the settings. Sky, sea and land. Architecture gathers the essence of nature'€™s hues.

Other colours: Orange, Blue Sea, White Beach, Blue Cugnana, Mistral Blue, Blue Navy, Blue Ultramarine, Blue Petroleoum, Yellow Sardinia, Yellow Juniper, Vivid Red, Yellow Pantogia, Grey, Honey, Pervinca, Pink, Turtledove, Abbamar Turquoise, Pistachio Green, Emerald Green.

Other sizes: 10x30 10x20 10x10 Triangle 10x14 and 5x7, Rectangle 5x10, Tozzetto 5x5, Listello 3x20, Diamond shape 10x10 5x10 and 5x5, Mosaics 20x20, 30x30 and 10x40

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