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90cm Shower Rail90cm Shower Rail

BOSSINI RENOVATION Shower Rail 90cm and Shower Head


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BOSSINI RENOVATION Brass Shower Slide Rail  - 18mm upper bracket with built-in water inlet + Showerhead Mixa/3 Fitair  110 mm

WELS 3 star (>7.5 but <=9.0)


Features: 3 functions handshower  110 mm

Eco Friendly Eco-compatible handshowers designed to ensure a reduced consumption of water while ensuring maximum comfort.

3 Sprays Fitair ®

Easy Clean System Easy-clean spray pattern. Products featuring "Easy Clean" rubber nozzles.

Fitair ® To exploit the water more effectively, we blend it with the air. The FitAir® system reduces water consumption while maintaining a high comfort of the shower

Finishes: White / Chrome

Slide Rail: cm 90 ˜ 18 mm RENOVATION brass slide rail, upper bracket with built-in water outlet

Size: 90 cm ˜ 18 mm

Finishes Chrome


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