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OLI Concealed Cisterns

The future bathroom lays in the concealed cistern

The future is moving towards a new design and a concealed flush cistern. We are leaving behind the classical closed flush toilet suite.


A concealed cistern is the trademark to any modern bathroom. Within a reasonable difference of price you will have more space and clean lines in your room and, just in case you had any doubt, there is no need to break the wall to change the valves.

We’ve said more than once on our posts that bathrooms have become an important part of our homes. In the past bathrooms used to be the less taken care of space of the whole house. Now, everybody wants to have the same amount of bathrooms and bedrooms, if not an ensuite in every room of the house. As a consequence bathroom decoration, space, design and use have changed significantly.


Bathroom Vanity

The latest trends in bathroom furniture and vanity design offer functional solutions together with basic, minimal and clean lines.

Bathroom vanities and bathroom furniture trends

Italian bathroom furniture has undergone an extraordinary technical evolution during recent years. It has also followed a strong stylistic impulse.

The Italian bathroom furniture market now presents us with many possible variations to consider when thinking about our bathroom renovation. There are many suitable solutions to our basic needs and we can find ourselves overwhelmed with choice.

Tiles, sinks, toilets, bidets and showers have undergone a facelift with new shapes and materials now available through technological advancements. Consequently, the style, material and design of bathroom furniture have also experienced a remarkable transformation.

The increasing functional centrality our bathrooms have won over the last years has also helped this bathroom transformation trend.

The bathroom, indeed, is an area of the house that has long been underestimated. The houses of the past were usually equipped with small and not interesting bathrooms made from resulting empty rooms in the house. They were also furnished with the essentials or with whatever was left in the house without following any clear path or style.

At present, the bathroom is the place in the house where we can feel free to express our personality, it is our daily moment of relax and self-care. The bathroom, not surprisingly, has in consequence become a status symbol and, in many cases, the most taken care room in the whole house.

Megius Custom Shower Solutions

Shower boxes are a very important element in the bathroom as they have a crucial role to fulfil: they prevent water from splashing and bathing the whole bathroom every time you take a shower. During the colder months of the year, they also keep the shower area warm for a longer time as they isolate the heat generated by the hot water.

Taking these aspects into consideration it is important to choose the correct model, since there are a great variety of designs, styles and forms in the market. It is then essential that you find the one that will adapt perfectly to your shower or your bathtub.


How to choose the right model

The possibilities are endless: from simple shower screens to sliding corner closed shower boxes or combined fixed side panels with saloon, sliding or folding doors. The technology in the glass has also improved greatly in the last decade and now companies such as Megius use the Protective Glass principle: the glass surface is perfectly smooth to the naked eye but at a microscopic level the imperfections are sealed through a chemical reaction with the surface molecules of the glass. Also, a concentrate of technology makes the glass “Tecno Glass”: a tempered glass coated with a membrane thick 100 microns which controls the fragmentation of glass in case of breakage, limiting the possible damage to the surrounding environment.

The thickness of the glass goes from 6mm to 10mm, depending on the model. The possibilities regarding the glass are also wide: transparent, opaline, acid glass, with stripes or serigraphies. The transparent ones are one of the best options for smaller bathrooms as they give depth and visual amplitude to the whole room. If, on the other hand, the bathroom is wide enough, then the selection is wider and definitely more difficult.

Globo Bagno di Colore


The bathroom. A place for rest, relaxation and recuperation. It has therefore become a necessity to be conscious of colour pallet, shades and finishes used during the design stage of any new bathroom build or renovation to ensure that the ideal ambience is achieved.

Go to your happy place, what does it look like? Do you fall into dreams of a tropical paradise? Or does a luxurious hotel room excite your senses? Globo’s new colour range gives every individual the freedom to aesthetically enhance their personal retreat at the next level.


Colour is the eternal element that has always existed in our imagination and has given emotion to our lives. Colours allow us to change the psychological perception of each component of our bathroom, giving them the power to become a peaceful and relaxing oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Ceramica Globo has taken inspiration from relaxing palettes and the science behind it to bring you the “Bagno Di Colore” ceramic colours range. This new release has been created by the experienced scientists at Globo, using materials and processes that have not been explored before. The result is a truly unique finish that is stylish beyond compare.


200x200 white wall tiles

Classic and elegant bathrooms: The timeless 20x20 white tile

You wish to renew your bathroom but you are not sure of the style?

We have the latest trend in bathroom decoration with the timeless 20x20 white tiles and the arrival to our showroom in Byron Bay of Evoluzioni Ceramiche.

With the right combination of elements you can get a vintage style that gives your bathroom a unique sense of sophistication and elegance.

The classic, timeless style is achieved with simple but elegant elements such as the 20x20 white tile. A perfect combination of functionality and beauty and the most wanted look of the year.

Your bathroom will look clean and bright and if you add chrome or brass tapware you will create a sparking atmosphere.

Evoluzioni Ceramiche is an Italian brand and consolidated ceramics industry driven by the conviction that “Evolution” is always possible. They are a concrete commitment to quality and creativity inspired by fashion and market trends.


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