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Decorating Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Tips

You’ve had enough stress caused by modern life and you want to hide from it, at least for a short while? Here are five tips on how to turn your bedroom into a vintage hideaway.

Use restored furniture

If you want your bedroom to have that vintage vibe, you should incorporate the adequate furniture. The best thing you can do is to use restored furniture. You have two options here – you can either get old pieces of furniture and restore them yourself or buy already restored ones. The first option will probably save you some money, and if you’re handy, you can actually make your furniture look exactly as you imagined it. Nevertheless, before you buy a used piece, think carefully about the cost and the time it will take you to fix it. It may not be worth the effort if it’s too expensive or too damaged. Another option is to visit one of the stores which specialize in restoring old furniture and see if you like any of the pieces they offer.

Industrial Look Bathroom

Whenever we are ready to remodel an old bathroom the same question pops into our minds: how can we keep the bathroom’s style and at the same time introduce new elements?

An Industrial Style bathroom will definitely give you a retro look with a modern twist.


Let's go over some Industrial Style story.

An industrial style bathroom will take you to the abandoned factories of New York in the years right after WWII and also to the buildings in Berlin that were mostly occupied by young artists to create their private art galleries. Industrial style is the perfect combination of many other styles and it is one of the easiest styles to achieve if you follow our simple steps for your Industrial Style Bathroom renovation tips.


Remodelling your Industrial Style Bathroom. Where do I begin?

Whether big or small, a bathroom should be a retreat that offers not just functionality, but also a feeling of luxury and comfort.

It’s one of few rooms in the house where you can have complete privacy and solitude. 
Equipping a large bathroom with all the necessities is not a problem, but when you have to do it in a tiny space, it can become quite a challenging task. We want our small bathrooms to be beautiful, unique and affordable, and still be able to offer enough room for storage and freedom of movement. 

Here are several ideas how to maximize space in a tiny bathroom without sacrificing its style and functionality.


Even though we usually don’t spend a huge portion of time in the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can neglect it and leave it stuck in the 70s.

A good bathroom of today should be more than just a bathroom. Your bathroom should be a stress-free place where you can relax both your body and mind. So, if you think your bathroom needs to enter the 21st century, you can start your remodeling project and create a modern bathroom that fits a modern person like you are. Here’s how to pull it off.

Modern Bathroom Tips


Marazzi Treverksoul

It is true...we love talking about bathrooms. To us, it seems that in many occasions people do not give the bathroom the importance it should have when building or renovating a house. It is a place where we go every single day. It a place to enjoy by ourselves or in company. It is our oasis of relaxation and refreshment.


For these, together with many other reasons, having a modern bathroom that we enjoy seeing every day is essential. This is absolutely necessary and the basis of our design.

Let’s review some of our basics:

  • Good lighting to help you get ready every morning.
  • Good size shower or bathtub to help you relax.
  • Nice storage solution to have everything handy.

There are so many other details that can help your bathroom go from being the secondary place of your house to being one of your central rooms.