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Bathroom Trends 2018



Do you think that bathrooms can be as stylish and elegant as the rest of your home? It can happen that people disregard their bathrooms and consider them to be dull and boring, but it doesn’t have to be the case. You spend a significant amount of time in your bathroom, and it’s only natural that you want it to be an elegant and functional space. Luckily, some of the hottest bathroom trends for 2018 will help you achieve that.

Minimalist Design

The minimalist design, although considered plain and boring by some, has a lot to offer and can easily make your home look modern and stylish. It shows the true meaning of “less is more” by putting function before the appearance and embracing simple designs.

If this sounds like the kind of style you would like to incorporate into your own home, here’s how you can do that.

The colours

In terms of colours, keep things simple. Don’t combine too many different colour schemes, but rather stick to one or two. Opt for neutrals and pastels that will enhance the balanced nature of this design, and break the monotony with simple accessories such as blue cushions, colourful rugs, or a couple of nice paintings. You can also organise your family photos by putting them in beautiful, matching frames and creating a gallery wall.

Small Bathrooms ideas

Those who are blessed with a large bathroom have a wide array of options at their disposal. Smaller bathrooms, on the other hand, call for a great deal of smart planning and forethought. Designing and decorating a small space is certainly not a breeze and there could be a multitude of features you would like to implement.

Yet, even if the area designated to an en-suite bathroom is small, there are ways to design an enthralling, airy sanctuary of relaxation. When you cannot go wide, you go deep. When big is not an option, smart and sly cuts it.


The big picture

First off, let’s get down to basics. See if and how you can fit a bathtub, shower, toilet, and hand wash basin. Small spaces often demand you to sacrifice one thing and it’s usually the bathtub. However, it might be possible to squeeze in a compact tub, such as P-shaped or corner one.

Note that breaking up a small bathroom into separate areas is not a good idea. Another mistake you cannot afford to make is overlooking storage space, which helps you keep clutter at bay. In any event, once you have the layout figured out, it’s time to attend to the visual side of things.


Saving Private Space

To really make a difference in terms of saving space, utilize a shower screen instead of a wall. It is not only thinner but also creates the illusion of spaciousness. Moreover, it controls splashing and allows the flow of light. Privacy is the only thing you may have to compromise.

Furthermore, there is an option to fully integrate the bathroom into the rest of the space. An open plan look, which is increasingly popular, enables you to do just that. And by using the same floor and wall coverings, and installing only minimal splash back tiling, you are able to achieve a seamless environment.

Make sure to opt for products that do not occupy precious floor space. When choosing bathroom vanities, always stick to mobile and multifunctional pieces. Freestanding seating and storage is always a nice investment. Never buy oversized and try to furnish to scale.

Still, taking into account floor limitations, you also need to make the most of the vertical dimension with solutions like floating fittings.

Modern Bathroom tips

Holidays are getting closer, so it’s the perfect time to turn your old and tired bathroom into a spa-like experience that will help you relax after all the holiday fuss. No matter the state of your bathroom and the amount of money you’re willing to spend, there are modern bathroom updates for every budget and every style.

Modernity is all about clean lines, geometric patterns, minimalistic furniture and neutral colors, but feel free to spice it up and add your personal signature. So, take a look at this guide, and this holiday season, give yourself a cozy and modern bathroom you will enjoy all year round.

Simplicity is the key to modern bathrooms

Modern design is all about simplicity, so try to avoid over-cluttering your bathroom with insignificant trinkets, and make sure it doesn't give out a claustrophobic vibe. The bathroom should be a place of ultimate relaxation after a long day and clutter will only further cloud your mind. So, hide your hygiene products and other personal items in cabinets and built-in shelves and store your cleaning products somewhere else. Don’t display too many decorative items that don’t serve a clear purpose and that will only make your shelves and surfaces look crowded. However, if you personally find such a space too sterile, you can always add some interest to your bathroom with unique tiles. These will stay true to clean and minimalist design while serving as a focal point.