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Econcrete by Casalgrande Padana

If you’re after a new twist to the concrete-like texture then the newly introduced range ECOncrete by Casalgrande Padana is your answer.

A versatile, multifaceted range of Italian porcelain tiles with a contemporary design look. The range is composed of 2 different sizes with natural or grip surface for your outdoor patio flooring.

The best and most interesting feature of this Italian tile range is that has an innovative production process we introduce in our article Eco-Friendly tiles. This eco-sustainable process is based on the recovery and processing of waste materials and it’s the key feature of the range.

A high-performance and environmentally friendly tile that is at the same time beautiful and refined. You couldn’t ask for more.

Rainfall Shower head

Intelligent rainshower head for your next bathroom renovation

During the European Exhibition, Architect@Work held in Milan Bossini presented the futuristic Syncro Showerhead.

The stunning and innovative shower head is made out stainless steel: practical, essential and a real statement for any bathroom shower.


Syncro rainshower head is not a simple shower head, it is a control panel that allows you to select three different types of jet. Choosing an intelligent shower head for your shower renovation means enjoying the water in the best possible way: waterfall, rainfall or concentrated rain. At the same time, it means less water and more savings!


We at Cipriano Italian Design are anxiously waiting to have Syncro Shower Head in our showroom in Byron Bay.

Natural Wood Feature Wall

Scandi style decoration has taken over Australia with its minimalist design, light colours and natural wood. Bright or dark wood, rustic or exotic wood, this noble material has always been a part of our lives and it fits all styles actually.

Let’s analyse together the options our French friends from BatiOrient give us when it comes to interior design with wood.  


Natural wood mosaic

With natural wood mosaic you can free your imagination and have them natural or stain them! The different shades and colours in the natural wood mosaic will give your room a relaxing and warm atmosphere for long hours of pampering and sleeping.


Wood-look porcelain tile

Sticking to Bati Orient’s mosaic range, you can find wood effect mosaics to be used in your bathroom renovation. There’s a wide range of colours and you can use them without restriction to get a natural wood look design.  


Petrified wood

Shower trays, basins and bathtubs, all in petrified wood, each different and handcrafted. You’ll have an original bathroom with these unique and rustic pieces.


Whether you go for natural wood, wood looking tiles or petrified wood, the result will be a stunning room.

Skema Laminate Flooring

Two of the main advantages of laminate flooring are its low maintenance and easy to clean features.

It is easier to clean laminate flooring than it is to clean parquet for instance. The main reason behind this is that laminate floorings have a higher resistance to stains and they are extraordinarily resistant to wear.
Year after year laminate flooring prove to be the right solution if you are looking for beauty and practicality. In other words, the best way of having a “timber floor” without worrying about maintenance, care or special attention.
However, even if easier and faster, laminate flooring needs to be cleaned an taken care of from time to time.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have a wonderful floor.

Mineral Resin Shower Tray

Mundilite, one of our latest additions, has sent us its 10 advantages of choosing a mineral resin Shower Tray.

In Europe, the trend is going towards Mineral Resin shower trays instead of the classic porcelain or acrylic shower tray. Let’s analyze together the reason why this is happening and also why Aussies should consider using Shower Trays instead of the classic tiles for their shower floor.

Resin shower trays are made out of a mixture of resins and minerals. These two components result in a more resistant product than the classic shower trays in acrylic or fiberglass. The waterproofing material of resin shower trays allows you to choose among different colors and textures: slate, limestone, natural stone, etc. This, in turn, allows Mundilite to have a wider selection, extra-flat shower trays, and even large shower trays.

Now, let’s consider the advantages and characteristics of choosing a Mineral Resin Shower tray for your bathroom reno:


More solid: Mineral resin shower trays are characterized by being one solid piece and providing that feeling only porcelain shower trays used to. You won’t have the awkward sensation of instability or fragility when stepping into your shower.


Made to measure: Mundilite manufactures made to measure shower trays. This is very practical to get the most out of your bathroom renovation saving time, preventing future waterproofing problems and leveling issues once you turn your shower on.


Warmer: Mineral resin shower trays will give you a warm and pleasant sensation. Forget about the cold and intense feeling of porcelain shower trays.