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FAP Ceramiche - Maku range

The experienced company FAP Ceramiche, born in Italy in the mid-sixties, has sent us their tips and tricks to design your own private oasis at home using the ideal colours, materials and surfaces.

As seen in some our Projects, 2018 interior design trends still go for industrial chic around the house and vintage with a retro taste in the bathroom. Examples of this are the claw foot bathtubs together with sophisticated fittings we love in Australia!

One of the trends we haven’t mentioned yet but we see coming with more presence than never before is the “wabi-sabi”: the Japanese taste for the imperfect and unfinished. The main characteristics of this interior design style are asymmetry, simplicity and economy through the use of natural objects.

FAP shows us that the collection Maku, a range inspired by natural stone and neutral colours, gives us full freedom when it comes to new interior design trends and meeting all needs and expectations when designing your perfect bathroom.
Maku’s stone effect not only highlights all the organic beauty that comes from our mother earth but the texture of this Italian tile range will uncover exotic sensations at your touch and great aesthetic pleasure.

Going back to our wabi-sabi style private spa, Maku Dark Out will you the sensation of a rocky and imperfect wall. The walls can be completed by the Maku Micromosaic that will allow you to have a completely safe and non-slip surface in your perfect and private spa. You can visit our tile showroom in Byron Bay to feel, touch and see the whole Maku range.

The shower in your perfect bathroom is the ideal place to put some contrast in your bathroom design. You can use Maku Trace with its original patterns it will give your area a vintage flavour, rhythm and vitality to your shower surfaces. The result will be a private oasis in our home.

If, on the other hand, you’d rather have more light and earthy colours then go for Maku Gray or Maku Nut you can see in our tile showroom in Byron Bay. Its satin finish surface will give light and movement to your walls.

A spa is always filled with plants and greens and that botanical effect we all like. So simply put in some plants and greens and create that natural effect in your own private spa!

Bathroom Feng Shui



Feng Shui, one of the most ancient Chinese energy systems, carries with it so much information that, if you are able to interpret it correctly, it can help you have a better life in a more serene and peaceful environment.

Feng Shui indicates health and happiness and gives the architecture that surrounds us the importance of the wellbeing of each one of us.  By choosing the furniture and the bathroom distribution, for instance, we are able to create true harmony in our homes.

Feng Shui in the bathroom will turn it into a sanctuary of balance and serenity.

Cerasarda tiles in Byron Bay

Cerasarda, which Prince Karim Aga Khan wanted in 1963 to honour the craftsmanship of the world famous Emerald Coast in Sardinia is not only about tiles but so much more as well.

The company expanded to not only incredible collections of Italian tiles you can see in Byron Bay but also to more sophisticated design objects and furnishing accessories that reinterpret, in a more contemporary key, Cerasarda ceramics.


Warm Mediterranean tones, refined decorations, high craftsmanship skills and cutting-edge technology combine to make the new collections by Cerasarda unique: Abitare la Terra.

The whole range is inspired by Sardinia, its colour and its millennial history.  The harsh and dark tones of the inland Barbagia region fade into the clear blue of the sea and the sky. The intense green of Sardinia’s nature melts into the blacks, whites and orange of its clays, underlining the eternal contrasts of the Island.


But this range is not only Italian tiles. It is composed of a great variety of design and furnishing accessories inspired by the ancient food bowls. Visit our showroom in Byron Bay to view this stunning range of Italian tiles.

Large Format tiles in Byron Bay

The future is here and it has entered the world of design with a very important change: large format tiles.

New design, new shapes that result in a totally new expression coming from a massive technological evolution. The latest range by Century Italian tiles has embraced this new technology and developed the range Fire: an innovative tool the meets the most demanding technical and aesthetic needs going beyond the basic idea of a ceramic tile in Byron Bay.


Casamoda28 is the result of Sergio Stefani's passion, experience and ideas for the mosaic.

Casamoda28 aims to fulfil an ever-growing and more demanding market.

The company constantly invests in product research and study to offer high standards both in the quality of materials used and in style and we, at Cipriano Italian Designs, are more than happy to have these amazing tiles in Byron Bay.

Casamoda28 creates decorations e mosaics original and personalized, made with various materials ranging from natural stones, ceramics, glass to metal to resins in an infinite exchange of shapes and materials.

Some of the ranges in our Byron Bay tiles store are:

Casamoda28 - Interiors Range - 

Casamoda28 - Moma Range -

Casamoda28 - Trasparenze Range -

We have samples and stock so much more on these incredible tiles in Byron Bay. Come visit us!