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Perfect Bathroom vanity

Not all of us have the same personality or the same taste when it comes to choosing the right bathroom vanity.

So, how do we choose the bathroom vanity that is perfect for us? Mobiltesino has found the answer to this question with its wide variety of shapes, colours and materials to satisfy all the needs.


Suite range: a bathroom with a retro soul. Vintage bathroom furniture, minimal and elegant, sober and harmonious. All vanities with a special vintage twist and modern technology.

The suite range, which we introduced to our blog when it was launched, redefines the meaning of luxury and it is the ideal solution for those who like clean lines and no sharp edges.

Hello: Subway tiles by Marazzi

Marazzi has released Hello, a collection of subway tiles in one single size but with vibrant colours, different surfaces and several installation options.


Subway tiles have always been part of our lives. How is it possible that this simple, small tile still continues to be a successful asset for interior designers in the whole world? Marazzi has the answer with this collection: subway tiles have a contemporary and vintage charm. They are practical and suitable for many different rooms: from bathrooms to splashbacks, from residential to commercial, just to mention some.

Country Style Bathroom

Have you decided to style your home with a country style look? The choice of furniture and accessories is so wide that sometimes it is not simple to know where to start from!

However, it is good to remember that country style does not mean rustic!


All your rooms, including your bathroom, should give out the warm and magical atmosphere of a country house where everybody feels welcome and at home. Lineabeta will help us choose the right bathroom accessories with a country twist.


Three simple rules to style your country style bathroom


The first and most important rule to follow is to create a space in which you feel at ease. A perfect country style bathroom has a great personality with minimal and modern vanities and a mix of materials and bathroom accessories.

Total white bathroom

We live in an era when it seems that in order to have a modern space it is necessary to have a colourful object. Colours such as green or blue are taking the place of the classic neutral colours, red has become the focal point of the rooms, shabby chic takes pastel colours as its stronghold point.


Yet, whenever we are faced with a total white bathroom with only some small chrome detail we are left speechless.


This is the Nordic or Scandi style whose minimalism has survived during years and has always been a point of reference. We have discussed this topic in several of our articles: Minimalist Bathroom or Minimalist Design throughout your house.


Bathroom Accessories Set

Modern bathrooms are increasingly personalized whereas in the past they were purely functional and simple. The design and feeling were cosy and reflected the style of the house but it was all done with one purpose in mind: practicality.


Today, bathrooms have become a place to be enjoyed and loved. Relaxation from a chromotherapy shower and well-being from a private spa are no longer considered as a luxury or extravagant but have become a must-have.

What we are saying is that in today’s bathrooms originality and comfort go hand in hand. Design your bathroom with your own personal touch. Here at Cipriano Italian Home Design, we can help you create your space based on your taste.

Did you know that last year bathrooms were the most renovated rooms in Australians houses? It’s not always necessary to go through a big bathroom reno though. Sometimes small changes such as bathroom accessories can make the difference!

We have a whole new range of Bathroom accessories in our showroom. Come visit us to know more.