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Capannoli Bathroom Accesories

Half a century of success now in Byron Bay with a wide range of Capannoli bathroom accessories in our showroom.

Capannoli was founded in 1946 and since then it has been constantly growing and developing new successful products. Being a family company is a tradition that Capannoli aims to keep and has preserved through times. The company's goals have always been to treasure experience and gain quality and creativity.

Capannoli is specialized in the production of high-quality bathroom accessories and bathroom vanities and we're proud to have many of their products on display in our showroom in Byron Bay.

The company boots a great variety of collections with different style proposals to satisfy all the demands in this growing market. A high-quality product with great freedom of colours, style and finish.

Capannoli is always in search of new design and innovative materials considering great quality as a must-have. Their modern accessories line are updated and offer new solutions while their classic bathroom accessories are perfect to combine elegance and refine style in your bathroom.

Water Saving Shower Solutions



Bossini SPA has been with us since the beginning of our Australian adventure and we are very thankful to them! We keep in stock a wide variety of Bossini Shower products such as Shower Heads, Hand Showers or the classic 2 in 1 Shower Slide Rails.


Shower Heads

A wide variety of shower heads, round or square and the outstanding super thin shower heads as well. These range of Bossini products include eco-friendly components that result in important water saving features. Of course, functionality, quality and aesthetics is a must for this great Italian company.

The shower heads you can find in our showroom in Byron Bay come with a wall arm or a vertical arm for ceiling installation.

Milan Furniture 2018

Berloni Bagno, one of our all-time favourites, is participating as usual at the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair held at the end of this month.

The Milan Furniture Fair is the most important international event when it comes to design and furniture and is held every year in Milan since 1961. This year the dates are from 17 to 22 April 2018.

Berloni Bagno will show its latest news and solutions that totally showcase the bathroom universe and vanity design. The company is focusing on a complete overview and the evolution of the bathroom in today's houses: from a simple space built to offer just one task to a total room for relaxation, privacy and well being.

If you're planning to visit the Milan Internation Furniture Fair, let us know and we'll make sure Berloni Bagno reserves a special place for you.

Kitchens in Byron Bay

Cipriano Italian Home Design is proud to announce the opening of a new showroom in Byron Bay exclusive to kitchen design.

We have partnered with Arrex, Le Cucine.

This Italian furniture company has been operating for over 40 years and its creations are present in the heart of millions of homes and families all over the world.

Arrex's design is all about comfort, wellbeing and pleasure in your kitchen and your home. From rustic, crafted kitchens to fitted modular kitchens, Arrex is one of the leaders in the market. In addition to solid wood Arrex also uses materials fruit of advanced technology: carbon, eco-cement, engineered stone, resin, etc.

The company boasts 50 different ranges in kitchen design and style with over 6000 different finishes and colours.

Visit our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay to discover this amazing Italian brand. We, at Cipriano Italian Home Design, are sure that your expectations and needs will be met.

Shabby chic bathroom vanity

Arbi has reinterpreted the well-known shabby chic style in the new bathroom vanity collection Maison.

The range is a balanced mix of retro’ and Provencal flavours with a touch of classic British styles. The result is a bathroom vanity with a classy and unique personality.


The warmth of our home, the pleasant comfort of our own personal space. The Maison range by Arbi reinterprets, with a modern twist, classic stylistic cannons: framed doors in solid wood veneer, kickboards and particular feet. The key elements in this bathroom vanity collection spread romanticism and tradition.